RationalPlan Multi Project

Multi project structure, handle project dependencies, share resources between projects...

The product is specifically designed for project managers that need to handle the company's projects and resources in a centralized way. Besides all Single Project features, Multi Project version comes with additional ones when projects are interrelated by task dependencies or common resources, or if you just want to see all projects' data in one place.

Additional features for RationalPlan Multi Project

Concurrent user management

  • Connect to RationalPlan Project Sever and work on a centralized data repository

Project Planning

  • Create interproject dependencies (links between tasks from different projects)

Company Project Portfolio

  • Analyze all your projects' data with Project Portfolio view

Resource Management

  • Define company-wide resources - human/equipment and material - shared between projects
RationalPlan Multi Project Management Software

Abhinaw Prasad

No doubt we have liked the software. But I must say that your timely support has really impressed me a lot.

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