• Project Viewer
    MOOS Project Viewer is a cost effective solution for managers to view Microsoft Project files in a dynamic way and not just using static reports.
  • Single Project
    Have most of the Microsoft Project functionality at just a fraction of its cost. Single Project offers the basic tools you need.

  • Multi Project
    Multi Project is an effective portfolio management. Gain maximum benefit for shared resources or dependencies for tasks across projects.

Our products

Besides this viewer for Microsoft® Project we have designed several project management products to reach various practical needs. We are talking about RationalPlan a project management software suite.

RationalPlan Single Project is the perfect tool to manage projects for those that are new or do not have much experience in the project management area. RationalPlan Multi Project takes the process of managing projects up with one level allowing you to manage multiple projects at once, projects that share common resources and/or with dependencies between their tasks.

MOOS Project Viewer

If you receive a file generated with MS® Project and you don't have Microsoft® Project and you only need to view it then you need a viewer for Microsoft® Project. MOOS Project Viewer is the perfect solution to view the project details in a dynamic way and not just using static reports and at the same time the solution to reduce costs in your company for those users that only need to view MS® Project files.

RationalPlan Single Project

For projects completely independent - no shared resources, no inter-dependencies - the Single Project version is the right choice. Even more if you are a beginner in the project management domain or lacking experience in managing projects the embedded Project Guide will teach you the basic steps to get a successful project on time and on budget.

RationalPlan Multi Project

Those project managers that need to keep in one single place projects with shared resources or dependencies between projects or between tasks that don't belong to the same project, should opt in for a Multi Project version. It has all the features of the Single Project version but with the adititional benefits of the Multi Project version.

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